Creating sustainable Buildings

At Designer Panel Systems, we appreciate that we are part of a unique, fragile ecosystem. It is our responsibility to protect and respect the social, environmental, and economic needs of current and future generations

These values underpin everything we do as individuals, and as a business

For a meaningful, positive green rating and reduced environmental impact, DPS makes a conscious, continued effort to ‘close the loop’ in any way we can. We commit to the following wherever the opportunity exists:

Sourcing sustainable materials as far as possible throughout our supply chain, sourcing raw materials locally wherever possible to reduce transport emissions. This includes identifying opportunities for resource recycling, reuse, or remanufacture before commencing any project. We make a considerable dedicated effort to select professional suppliers and partners who share and embody the same values as us

Designing recyclable cladding wherever the opportunity exists. We heavily emphasise corrosion - resistant products in our designs, to increase the positive environmental impact of structures as a whole. Our products are developed from durable materials such as steel, which conserves limited resources, reduces energy consumption, and increases the overall life span of our solutions to minimise waste

Manufacturing and transporting our products in an energy - efficient manner, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, fossil fuel consumption, and waste production. We aim to help our clients achieve Green Star ratings in both new and refurbished buildings, through cooler and more energy efficient cladding, roofing, and walling


We embrace long – term sustainability as an ongoing commitment, regularly revisiting our operations and practices to reassess and reduce their environmental impact. Discover how each of our cladding systems and panel finishes can help your building reduce its environmental impact


Our goal is to encourage sustainability and adopt a holistic, lifecycle approach to building design while satisfying client expectations for uncompromised quality and affordability

To this end, everyone at DPS cooperates to make our daily practices as eco friendly as possible, from waste paper recycling to regular equipment servicing