Fabrication is a value added process; it involves processing raw materials into items or finished products. There are many stages within fabrication and many of these stages or processes overlap.

We warehouse over 200 tonne of stock complete with the full range of Colorbond colours, Zincalume, Galvabond, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminium, VM Zinc, Corten and Brass.

Step 1

Our material is supplied by 3 of the largest steel merchants in the land. Umicore (VM Zinc). Surdex Steel and BlueScope Steel deliver 3 times a week to our store ensuring our stock levels.

Step 2

New Work

All new work can be faxed, emailed, photographed and sent to phone or by use of our new product “Easy Flash.” Easy Flash is an automated order entry system whereby the user logs in to a web based application. They can view all of their historical data or process new orders. Each order has checking mechanisms built in to ensure all dimensions, lengths, quantities and colours are shown on the order. Reducing phone traffic and saving valuable time, Easy Flash reduces phone traffic and saves our customers valuable time

Quality Control

Step 3

Order Procedure

We have a fully integrated ERP which tracks orders from placement, through to de-coiling, folding, racking and delivery. At any point we can see where your order is situated in our manufacturing process.


Packing and Delivery

To ensure panels and flashings are packed securely and safely we have our own customised timber stillage arrangements to keep from rubbing, scratching and dinting.

Our fleet of over 20 transportation vehicles leave from 4am every morning to ensure delivery is on time and as required.

Quality Control

Quality Control Process


Each product has to meet a stringent supply specification which is outlined in the production documentation. To provide a product which consistently meets the specification requires a team effort and a system of monitoring critical checkpoints throughout the process.

The following are the critical checkpoints which are monitored and recorded:

Cladding specific job sheets clearly highlighting requirements

Bar Code Batch control

Temperature control of each coil at time of machining

Dimensional accuracy (width, cover, fit) and visual panel finish

All panels are randomly inspected for cover, surface finish and length before packaging

Dispatch checks the presentation of each pack and completes the QA checklist on the production sheet. (number of packs, length etc.)