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VM Zinc Flat Lock

VM ZINC Flat Lock

We are starting our “Project Revisited” blog section.

Each month we will revisit some of the highlight projects throughout the previous year.

Our first project is one our most unique Flat Lock projects thus far.

Located in Middle Park, Melbourne, this project was designed around using the VM Zinc Adeka cladding system.
Due to the tight radius of one section we altered the specification to use the VM Zinc Anthra Flat Lock system. This system is very similar in appearance to the VM Zinc Adeka but allows more flexibility in its formation to hug the sub structure and create seamless curves.

Each panel was laid in a diamond formation creating the aesthetic of a shingle or fish scale affect. Every panel is custom made and are identical in length and width. Installation was performed by John Meads from Design Cladding using a specialised concealed fix system.

The curved Flat Lock tiles created an incredible, fascinating facade that captures your attention.


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