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Sustainability is about ensuring the social, economic and environmental needs of our community are met and kept healthy for future generations.

Businesses and organisations play a major role in achieving these needs by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, water conservation and waste management.

To help conserve the world’s raw materials, there is a growing emphasis on recycling, however, for a more meaningful ‘green’ rating; a material’s sustainability needs to be considered.

Designer Panel Systems design and manufacturing practices ensure they are well equipped for the challenges and opportunities ahead, meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations.

Designer Panel Systems products have a significant role to play in both new and refurbished buildings, cooler and more energy efficient buildings make financial as well as environmental sense. Designer Panel Systems can also help achieve Green Star ratings.

In exterior applications, there is a direct correlation between corrosion resistance and long-term ‘sustainable’ performance. Corrosion can lead to aesthetic or structural failure that can require premature replacement. When any material has to be replaced, a building’s negative environmental impact is increased.

By using durable building products, such as steel, we can conserve resources and reduce energy consumption that would otherwise be spent on manufacturing products with shorter life spans.

The environmental impact from building materials should be analysed as to the functionality of the project, the value and need for what is being created and then long term impact this will make.

A movement towards natural and environmentally friendly materials is redesigning the ways society’s needs and wants are met.

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