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Single Lock Standing Seam Cladding

Single Lock Standing Seam Cladding

The Standing Seam system is one of the most versatile cladding systems available, whether it is for roofing or facades.

The Standing Seam system requires two panel seams (male and female) to lap each other. Each panel is secured with concealed clips and then each panel is crimped securely together with the use of special tools.

Its taut and regular appearance is particularly suitable for very large cladding surfaces and for structures located in regions of harsh climate which are often subject to coastal spray, snowfall, strong winds, and heavy rain.

The Standing Seam system is the most versatile cladding profile lending itself to all flat, curved, concave, convex, conical and domed applications.

The streamline low height of the seams (25mm and 38mm) contributes to its architectural design and offers flexibility when working on the more complex designs and structures.

Suitable areas of applications:
  • Flat
  • Convex
  • Tapered

  • Curved
  • Conical

  • Concave
  • Domes


  • Horizontal or vertical panels
  • Tray dimensions – 200mm to 430mm
  • Rib heights – 25mm and 38mm

  • 16mm ply board
  • Minimum pitch 60 ° – 90 °
  • Great flexibility in complex shapes


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