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Ribbon Tray

Ribbon Tray

The Ribbon Tray is ideal for tray roof or wall applications where thin distinctive ribs and wide trays appeal. Available in 25mm and 38mm rib heights, this system can be manufactured in an array of widths tailored to most projects.

Concealed clips hold each panel into place with the unique lapping system snapping each high rib into place. There is no penetration of the roof or wall sheet ensuring weather proofing, maximising effectiveness for high rainfall areas.

The direct attachment of these panels simulates the look of a mechanically seamed panel ‘Standing Seam’ without the additional operation of seaming. Due to the ‘Snap’ process it is less likely to be used in high wind areas as more attachment points would be required to satisfy uplift pressures.

The Ribbon Tray, commonly known as ‘Snap Lock’ or ‘Astro Snap’ is a lightweight system for commercial, industrial and residential environments.

  • Vertical cladding system
  • Tray dimensions – 295mm to 495mm
  • Rib heights – 25mm and 38mm
  • 16mm ply board

  • Minimum pitch 3 °
  • Concealed fixing (no clips)
  • Quick installation


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