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Interior Cladding

Interior Cladding

Interior design and decoration is the process of shaping the experience of an interior space. Interior elements should work together and complement each other to strengthen the whole composition. A way to create a theme or storyline is with the well-considered use of colour. Colour expresses the whole spirit and life of a scheme, colour can make a room feel warmer or cooler, and it can also provide an illusion of depth making a space feel larger or smaller.

Another element that can enhance a space is texture. An implied of visual texture is the way a material portrays an apparent smoothness or roughness. Easily integrated in a modern space texture can be used to maintain and enhance a casual feeling.

The above two elements Colour and Texture are the trademarks of the material VM ZINC. VM ZINC is known for its elegant shade of grey, luminous nature and velvety texture; this is complimented by the cutting edge colour palette called PIGMENTO®. The use of VM ZINC in combination with our recommended interior cladding profiles maintains a sense of balance, scale and proportion to your vision. Bringing the outside in.

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