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VM ZINC DEXTER Feature Panels

VM ZINC DEXTER® is an innovative patented facade & roof system based on small pre-formed QUARTZ-ZINC®, ANTHRA-ZINC® and PIGMENTO® elements.

DEXTER® is similar in appearance to the Standing Seam system but without the need for special mechanical tools. The elements are assembled longitudinally with a centre-to-centre distance of 400mm by simply interlocking the sides into one another. The left side of each element has an oblique fold and the right side a rounded profile. The height of the joint formed on interlocking is 35mm.

DEXTER’S® light weight properties (7.6kg per m2) and ease of installation (3 elements per m2) make it an economical cladding technique for commercial, residential and industrial uses.

  • Vertical installation
  • Tray dimensions – 400mm cover x 835mm & 436mm long
  • 3 Elements per m2

  • 19mm ply board
  • Minimum pitch 15 °
  • 35mm rib height

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