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Curved Standing Seam

Curved Standing Seam

Designer Panel Systems inspired curved roofing panels offer a modern, sleek and stylish roofline. The malleability of VM ZINC and Copper allow roof panels to be curved, rolled and bent in such a way that it allows for tight curved surfaces, domes, and gently tapered sections. Curved roofs most commonly take advantage of the flexibility of metal roofing materials all of which are pre curved in a factory environment to allow for quick and easy installation.

There are many different reasons that people opt for curved roofing. The most obvious reason is for their aesthetic appeal – curved lines on the roof of a home allow for a more organic design. Curved roofs can also be used as an alternative to a flat roof or a skillion roof. The floor space beneath a curved roof can be made much larger than the floor space below other roof types. This is because the curve in the roof adds additional structural support, allowing the roof to be heavier and larger while remaining intact. It is an ideal roof structure for office buildings and public buildings, such as libraries, theatres and recreation centres, where large groups of people need to meet in an unobstructed area.

Also referred to as a “shell roof” this style can offer an interesting at provocative appeal which influences the tone of the project. The Sydney Opera House is a famous example of a building with a shell roof. Additionally, because their design directs water, snow and debris off the edge of the roof — much in the same way that a pitched roof does — a shell roof rarely leaks. In addition, a curved roof may also help to reduce resistance to wind.

  • Horizontal or vertical panels
  • Tray dimensions – 200mm to 430mm
  • Rib heights – 25mm and 38mm

  • 16mm ply board
  • Minimum pitch 60 ° – 90 °
  • Great flexibility in complex shapes


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