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Areava Cassette Panel

Areava Cassette Panel

The Areava Cassette panel system is a true external cladding system that can be run horizontally or vertically. Cassettes are prefabricated in the factory and fixed with specialty concealed clips to the framework which is secured to a load bearing structure.

A higher grade of complexity can be achieved with the use of CAD programs and laser cutting to produce Matrix style Areava panels offering a unique aesthetic to a facade.

Choose from a variety of metals including VM Zinc, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Corten (HW350) and specialty coated steel. Multiple colors, anodising, perforated patterns and textures add to the possibilities.

Recommended for its large flat and modern appearance, this versatile open jointed system provides the possibility of large widths and spans. Unlike other larger panel systems the Areava Cassette is virtually maintenance free with no caulking or silicone joints.

Adaptable to new and refurbishment projects the Cassette system will add another dimension to your project.

  • Excellent flatness
  • Large flat panels
  • Horizontal and vertical recessed joints

  • Tray width – 295mm to 495mm
  • Concealed fixing (no clips)

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