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Making VM ZINC Perforated Screens

The Melbourne University School of architecture’s perforated VM Zinc facade has commenced and production lines are now in full swing.

We have now received 3 batches of VM ZINC perforated flat sheets for the construction of the North facing wall. We have completed our first week of precision folding and commenced works required for scheduled weeks two and three.

Our fully automated SWI DUPLEX folding system has been specifically designed for the production of each of the 814 panels required to construct the school of architecture’s facade.
The SWI DUPLEX is unique in its make up by being able to fold in two directions (from the bottom up and the top down)
unlike a conventional folder which folds from the bottom up. The SWI DUPLEX also has a sliding tapered back gauge to ensure each panel from end to end is exactly the same.

Vm Zinc Perforated Screens

The Melbourne University School of architecture project is now in full flight.

We are working with 3 keys partners;
FABMETAL Specialists
Brookfield Multiplex Australasia
Perftech Perforated Metals

All collaborating for one of the most challenging and unique rain screen projects seen in Melbourne

The enormity of this project lies with the following
# over 42 tonne of 1.5mm Quartz VM ZInc
# more than 3,700 square metres of tapered feature cladding
# 800 individual panels all consisting of cluster punched perforating
# panels ranging from 1900mm to 5250mm long

I will keep you posted with more photos and updates as we progress through this landmark project!

Bring On 2014

The time for SUMMER is here as we wave goodbye to 2013.

2014 looks to be a bumper year for our cladding team. We have 2 large projects already locked away, with almost 45 tonne of VM Zinc allocated to the Melbourne University building of Architecture dressed in perforated custom folded tapered sections. Our second project is the introduction of our Aluminium Timba panel with over 2500m2 committed to a project in Northcote.

We will be kicking off the new year by creating an informative newsletter to all of our clients and architects about current projects, new product finishes and any new initiatives forthcoming. If you would like to be enlisted please send our sales team a request!


We look forward to working with you all.


New Colorbond Steel Colours

Coming soon to Designer Panel Systems New COLORBOND® steel colours.

BlueScope Steel has introduced 6 new exciting colours to their colour palette. The Colorbond® steel range of designer colours no boasts 22 standard colours offering a classic and contemporary palette to enhance the beauty of every project.

The new COLORBOND® steel additions to the standard Design range include Basalt™, Cove™, Gully™, Terrain ®, Wallaby™, Mangrove™ and the return of Night Sky®.

In conjunction with this there have been 5 colours moved to the secondary listing; Headland®, Bushland®, Wilderness®, Loft® and Sandbank®

The new “Easy Flash version1” is designed to change the way roof flashings and rainwater goods are ordered. Easy Flash is a web based application accessed by everyone, where you can place your flashing orders via the internet from a comprehensive flashing library or by drawing your own custom flashing.

Orders are sent remotely and processed instantly. Ensuring goods are made on time and correctly so when you are on site ready to work so are your goods.

Easy Flash offers full transparency of your account. You can see when orders are placed and whom by. You can access all of your invoices and statements. You can even make online payments.

Phone traffic from supplier to customer is also eliminated and costly human errors can be avoided. No more missing colours, missing lengths, differing interpretations of hand writing and transparency in your account.

The Timba Panel range from Designer Panel Systems is unlike any other panel in the marketplace. The cladding lends itself to a wide range of uses and is ideal for any application where a timber look is
required with minimal maintenance.

Using a quality hard-wearing process similar to powder coating, the Timba Panel not only mimics the colour, but also has the appearance, of real timber. The Timba Panel offers a cost-effective and maintenance-free alternative to real timber, and is available in twelve finishes reflecting a range of hues in natural timber colours.

The Timba Panel has the durability of steel while requiring very little maintenance. It will not split, warp or splinter, does not require refinishing or resealing, and is perfect for BAL-rated areas.


Designer Panel Systems are proud to announce we are moving to 196 Colchester Road, Bayswater North.

We will also be sharing this space with our sister company Design Sheetmetal.

Our vision for moving forward and combining the two resources will improve our customer service. Our new facility also has a drive through access, entering from Colchester Road and exiting onto Gatwick Road.

New Vm Zinc Pigmento

Coming soon to Designer Panel Systems, New VM Zinc Pigmento® colour.

Umicore has now added a fantastic new colour to the much hyped Pigemnto® Range. PIGMENTO® brown is a colour that is both contemporary and timeless, which blends perfectly with other building materials like stone, wood, concrete, glass…

This exclusive colour broadens this offer that is highly popular with architects, who are attracted by a material that combines the natural texture of zinc with a subtle colour.

Design Sheetmetal are proud to announce the purchase of all HM METALCRAFT stock, machinery, tools and stationary.

Introducing 2 new SWI 6.0mtr folders will greatly help our capacity levels The new 7.2mtr Mercedes crane truck gives us greater flexibility to drop large and tedious orders on site and where required. If you would like to book the use of this facility please contact Trevor – 0431 624 414 We have a host of hand tools and accessories which we will not require so if you are looking for any extra tools please contact Lewis 0411 676 400for a catalogue of what has been acquired.

Please note – this acquisition is for assets only and Design Sheetmetal or Designer Panel Systems will not be looking to take over contracts or enter the installation field of VM Zinc cladding.