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TIMBA® Metal Cladding

Timba Metal Cladding

Timber is a classic material that has become increasingly popular for external and internal cladding applications due to its beauty and ability to blend into the surrounding environment.

The success of timber cladding requires good design, skilled workmanship, a quality sealer or stained finish that minimises the stress on timber, and a commitment by the building owner to ensure regular maintenance is carried out. All of which combine to guarantee the cladding continues to perform as the building owner expects.

The ongoing upkeep and maintenance schedules required to keep natural timber from fading, warping, splitting and ultimately ageing prematurely often leads people to choose alternatives.

TIMBA® Metal Cladding is a durable alternative to timber that delivers the natural beauty and warmth of timber whilst also boasting a range of practical benefits.


Easy to maintain

For the most part, an occasional wash down is all that’s required to keep your exterior wall cladding looking great.


Strong, durable and secure

TIMBA® Metal Wall Cladding is roll-formed using a Zincalume® substrate; the strength of corrosion resistant steel provides a long-lasting protection for your project.

And, of course, the superior oven-baked finish from DECOWOOD® powder coating resists chipping, flaking and blistering in normal weather conditions.


Time and cost-saving installation

Because it’s available in lightweight, continuous length sheets, it’s quick and easy to install. The “secret concealed fixing” system provides an aesthetic appeal of an uninterrupted visual surface and the distinctive recessed express joint.


Energy efficient

TIMBA® Metal Wall Cladding can be supplied with a 20mm Styrofoam backing, whilst adding strength to the pan it can reduce the heat entering and leaving your project, in turn helping you to keep your energy bills down.


Design freedom – a cladding choice for any location

Timba wall cladding is available in a range of 13 designer finishes reflecting the natural grains and colour variation consistent with that of real timber. Ideal for coastal and bushfire prone areas, TIMBA® Metal Cladding provides a superb cladding choice for any location!

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