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Metallic COLORBOND® Metal Cladding

Metallic Colorbond Metal Cladding

Metal cladding comes in all shapes and sizes. Almost any steel or metal product can be used in a cladding or façade application. Metal Cladding is a light weight choice that requires minimal maintenance, whilst also being strong and durable.

Our systems are made with the strength of corrosion resistant steel to provide long-lasting protection. Each of our cladding systems use a “secret fixing” technique whereby concealed clips or fixing strips are used for enhanced security and appearance.

Metal Cladding is also an asset in Australia’s rugged environment. It’s a superior barrier against wind, hailstorms, driving rain, falling branches and flying debris.

Because it’s available in lightweight, continuous length sheets, it’s fast and easy to erect – reducing construction time and keeping labour costs to a minimum.

Metal Cladding is most commonly seen in second story applications and above, where access is difficult or ongoing maintenance is an issue. For the most part, an occasional wash down is all that is required to keep your exterior wall cladding looking spectacular.


Metallic Colorbond®

Colorbond Metallic steel is a premium product supplied by BlueScope steel. The metallic paint has a distinctive reflective surface drawing upon the environment and surrounding structures. Constantly the emotive metallic particles are changing due to angles and incidental light. This subtle yet distinctive feature enables projects enhance their appeal reflecting varying moods throughout the seasons.

Metallic Colorbond® is available in 6 tones.

  • Metallic Axis
  • Metallic Citi

  • Metallic Cortex
  • Metallic Façade

  • Metallic Conservatory
  • Metallic Sky Bridge


Metallic Colorbond® Cladding

Designer Panel Systems offers an extensive range of COLORBOND® colors to suit all applications. Wall cladding manufactured from the COLORBOND® Metallic steel range is an ideal choice for architectural projects whereby the reflective surface can be used to add texture and depth to a featured surface. The carefully chosen colour pallet offer designers the ability convey moods when there are no words spoken.

When used appropriately Metallic Sky Bridge (shade of blue) and Conservatory (shade of green) offer a calm and subdued ambience. Metallic Citi and Façade are a little more cutting edge and provide a modern atheistic. When used together the impressive pallet can lift a project to new heights.

Metallic Colorbond represents all the wonderful traits of the standard Colorbond range. AN extremely durable product that is light in weight, cost effective and easy to install that integrates well with all other materials and finishes.

When choosing COLORBOND® Metallic Cladding check as to its effect on your location. COLORBOND® Metallic steel does have some restricted use in marine locations.

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