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Corten Steel Cladding

Corten Steel Cladding


Weathering steel, best-known under the trademark COR-TEN steel or Xlerplate®, exhibits superior corrosion resistance over regular carbon steel as a result of the development of a protective oxide film on the surface that provides a unique rustic appearance. The layer protecting the surface develops and regenerates continuously when subjected to the influence of the weather.  Thus Corten needs not to be treated in any way prior to installation for longevity.

Corten steel has become increasingly popular with sculptors and as an architectural feature. When used correctly it blends and complements its natural surroundings, shades of red, brown and orange become more texturally interesting as rain and sun exposure adds runs and lines, with deeper or lighter tones to the rust effect.


Corten Cladding

Corten external cladding is most prominent in Diversaclad, Standing Seam and Areava panel. As a cladding material is it’s a cost effective and durable choice, using Corten in an Interlocking panel or Standing Seam panel provides significant advantage to installers due to its lightweight and ease of handling.

In contemporary architecture Corten steel can lend itself to all kinds of designs, perfect for both urban and rural contexts. Its industrial appearance means Corten will continue to be found in increasing numbers who want distinctive features and facades on their projects.

Corten steel is not rustproof in itself. If water is allowed to accumulate in pockets, those areas will experience higher corrosion rates, so provision for drainage must be made. Corten steel’s normal surface weathering can lead to rust stains on nearby surfaces.  Staining can be prevented if the structure can be detailed so that water does not drain from the steel onto concrete where stains would be visible.

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