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Coolmax COLORBOND® Metal Cladding

Coolmax Colorbond Metal Cladding Products


COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel in Whitehaven® is designed to maintain all the qualities of COLORBOND® steel, whilst delivering maximum thermal performance, and greater financial and environmental benefits. The reality is energy costs are going up, not down. That’s a concern for most commercial and industrial building owners and tenants.


Coolmax Cladding

Architectural wall cladding in COLORBOND® Coolmax® delivers a viable option for the owner looking modern façade without a huge budget. Easy to maintain, durable, lightweight and when compared to COLORBOND® Surfmist® it could help reduce the annual cooling energy costs of your building by up to 7.5%¹.

As a cladding material, copper have several advantages. It is very lightweight and durable, which can be especially important on large buildings. Other cladding options may add significant weight, making the building more challenge to engineer, and they can also be difficult to install because of their weight.

Coppers prestigious appearance compliments all façade design facets. More recently in copper clad walls has become a design element to bring the outside insides and provide a seamless transition.

Coolmax cladding systems available;

  • Standing Seam
  • Ribbon Strip

  • Diversaclad
  • Ribbon Tray

  • Flat Lock
  • Curved Standing Seam


Coolmax Roofing

Roofing panels manufacture from COLORBOND® Coolmax® comes with the proven performance, strength, durability, value and support that have made COLORBOND® a house hold name. The ability to customise, form and shape Coolmax® into an array of roofing systems assists architects and designers with their creative freedom.

One of major advantages of COLORBOND® Coolmax® roof systems is it can be applied to almost any roof structure. Whethere you have a Flat or low pitched roof, or a 45 degree pitch, maybe a convex, concave or bull nose roof the use of COLORBOND® Coolmax® will deliver on every requirement.

Coolmax Roofing systems available;

  • Ribbon Tray
  • Double Lock Standing Seam

  • Ribbon Strip
  • Curved

  • Cassette
  • Double Lock Standing Seam

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