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Brass Facades

Brass Facades Cladding and Roofing


Brass, an alloy of copper, is robust, lightweight and highly corrosion resistant material. It can be supplied in various formats, including rain screen facade, rain screen roof and more traditional shingles and seamed cladding. Brass is commonly used for decoration for its striking bright gold-like appearance. When exposed to marine atmospheres develops a protective green patina.

Unlike aluminium which can look flat, brass is more vibrant and ages naturally over time. Every panel is unique in as much as they will each age differently, providing a unique ambience and character.


Brass Cladding and Roofing

Brass is available in an array of thickness lending itself to multiple façade and roofing systems. Roof elements using brass are most common in our double lock standing seam range. Other available roofing systems are, Ribbon Strip, Ribbon Tray and Batten Roll. Each unique in its appearance providing a visually appealing structure.

Interlocking panel and flat lock are the highest sought after façade elements, both elements provide an attractive, modern expressive aesthetic. Brass has a soft ply able nature which allows for malleability of complex shapes and designs, perfect for domes, curves and intricate objects.

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