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Aluminium Cladding

Australia’s harsh weather conditions demand external finishes that can perform year after year without ongoing maintenance. Aluminium is the perfect choice, light weight, extremely durable whilst also a cost effective solution. Also a great choice for coastal or marine environments, Aluminium won’t warp or split and withstands high temperatures.

Often a first choice by Architects and Designers, Aluminium is quite diverse in its appearance. Textured, embossed, hairline mill finish, anodised and can also be painted in an array of colours both metallic and gloss.

The lighter mass of aluminium can also provide a substantial reduction of the cost in construction. Roof and wall loadings, installation time, worker fatigue and transportation.

Designer Panel Systems cladding and roofing range in aluminium is a completely Integrated System with its own flashings, trims, gutters and downpipes, making it the ideal exterior cladding for all applications.

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