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Cape Patterson Eco Village – Designed For Our Future

In this age of communication we are being constantly bombarded with news and media on a range of social, political and global issues. Our precious environment is a concern at the heart of most people today with a common goal to provide a positive future for our children. Awareness levels are at an all time high in regard to issues such as climate change, global warming, environmental degradation, pollution, resource depletion and the list goes on.

A reflection of this heightened awareness is the area of sustainability. Sustainability in architecture is a topic of personal interest and I’m particularly interested in projects where is sustainability is at the core. One prime example of this is the Cape Patterson Eco Village.

The Cape Patterson Eco Village has been developed with the environment top of mind in collaboration with Australia’s leading sustainability experts. Located close to Inverloch it is approximately an hour and 40 minutes drive from Melbourne and it is the first sustainable housing project of it’s kind.

Homes constructed in the village will feature sustainable architecture in the area of sustainable design, greater energy efficiency through the use of solar panels and water conservation features. The surrounding environment will benefit from the protection of the coastline, which is also located close to a number of conservation areas. All homes will achieve a 7.5 star rating which is unprecedented for a development of this size. With an affordable starting price point it is expected that the development will generate a substantial amount of interest.

Similar developments falling within the area of sustainability include Westwyck which is located in the inner city suburb of Brunswick and occupies the former site of the Brunswick West Primary School. The building was repurposed into an urban example of sustainable development. Material, energy and water efficiency are the sustainability principles at the core of the Westwyck development.

There are a growing number of sustainable residential developments in Australia but unfortunately they are not quite yet “main stream”. My hope is that in my lifetime I get to see the “Eco Village” become common design and building practice in Australia and throughout the rest of the developed world. With so many environmental issues to address, this is a tried, tested and proven way to reduce our overall impact on our precious environment and ensure a positive future.


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