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Architectural Trends – Top 5 Architectural Trends for 2014

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Our buildings shape our cities and in turn shape the way in which we live. Architects are responsible for creating the physical environment that people live in. Their challenge is to combine creative design with technical knowledge and create spaces that are both aesthetically appealing and, most importantly, functional. Most often the structure will stand the test of time and continue to make a statement about the creator well beyond their lifetime. There have been many architectural trends throughout our history which have influenced the way in which we live our lives today (if your interested to learn more you might like to take a look at 

So what are the key trends influencing architecture in the year 2014:

1. Reduction in Energy Consumption and Carbon Emissions

Sustainable, passive, low energy and green are all types of architecture that are designed to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. This is one of the most positive trends which puts the environment and our future as the single most important priority. Buildings are becoming a part of the environment and the people who live in them not only realize some amazing cost efficiencies but can also live comfortably with a clear conscience.

2. Creation of Multifunctional Spaces Within the Home

With an increasing population and inevitable urban sprawl, space is becoming and increasingly valuable commodity. Therefore, the creation of multifunctional spaces within the home will become even more critical. We are already seeing structures with flexible spaces thanks to moveable walls which create areas that can be transformed from public to private spaces. This also adds up to a much smaller footprint.

3. The Outdoor Room

In order to maximise space, many architects are designing spaces that incorporate an outdoor room in the overall design. These outdoor rooms have purpose built functional spaces that are used to make the most of the available space. Landscaping, an outdoor kitchen, swimming pool and dining area are just a few of the components of these new sophisticated spaces.

4. The Merging of Technology and Architecture

Virtual design and the use of digital technology has transformed the industry. This combined with the ability to incorporate new technology within the home, makes for endless exciting possibilities. Technology continues to enrich architecture and there appears to be no limit to what we might see in the future.

5. Adaptations of Materials

Building exteriors are reaching new levels of complexity. Various adaptations of sheet metal are proving popular design today due to the increasing variety of options and product ranges. With construction underway of the world’s first 3D printed building

who knows what the future will hold, but I’m looking forward to seeing what unfolds.

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