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Welcome to Designer Panel Systems

Welcome to Designer Panel Systems

Designer Panel Systems is a market leader in innnovative cladding and roofing systems. We are recognized for our outstanding serive, craftsmanship, attention to detail and architectural vision.

Timba Panel

Timba Panel

Timber is a classic material TIMBA® Metal Cladding is the closest thing to natural timber delivering the natural beauty and warmth whilst blending into the surrounding environment.

Feature Cladding

Feature Cladding

Possibilities, Creation, Imagination and Design. Our Feature Cladding systems allow for total creative freedom to customise architectural works. A vast array of Shapes, Perforations, Graphics can be created.

VM Zinc

VM Zinc

The perfect material. Zinc is widely renown for the most beautiful natural aspect, its velvety texture, luminous nature, and its nuances that change constantly. Zinc lends itself to both traditional and contemporary design, and blends harmoniously with all other natural materials including concrete, stone, glass and wood.

Interior Cladding

Interior Cladding

Interior design uniquely blends colour, texture and art to achieve a balance and harmony with a space, drawing attention and interesting enough to encourage the viewer to look further.


VM Zinc - Adeka FeatureVM ZINC ADEKA® is an innovative patented facade & roof system based on small pre-formed QUARTZ-ZINC®, ANTHRA-ZINC® and PIGMENTO elements. The attractive diamond shape element often lends itself to references of a “Shingle or Fish Scale” appearance. Unique in its texture and appearance VMZ ADEKA® is an ideal solution for both walls and roofs. VMZ ADEKA® is preformed panel that is quick and easy to install. Each 400mm x 400mm ADEKA® element is pressed and bonded with a styrene tapered board to ensure rigidity and provide sound insulation.


Dexter Feature PanelsVM ZINC DEXTER® is an ideal facade & roof system for commercial and residential applications. The preformed panels are lightweight and easy to install without the need for special mechanical tools which makes it perfect for novice zinc installers.

DEXTER® is similar in appearance to the Standing Seam system, each element is set for a coverage width of 400mm and is available in 2 coverage lengths 436mm and 835mm. DEXTER® is supplied in the VM ZINC range; QUARTZ-ZINC®, ANTHRA-ZINC® and PIGMENTO®.

Standing Seam

Standing Seam CladdingThe Standing Seam cladding system is one of the most versatile cladding systems available, suitable for both roofs and facades making it an ideal choice for challenging projects. The Standing Seam system is the most versatile cladding profile lending itself to flat, curved, concave, convex, conical and domed applications. It inspires creative freedom and allows architects and designers to share and explore relationships with surrounding landscape and transcend the local environment.

Interlocking Panels

Interlocking Panels FeatureThe Diversaclad interlocking panel is a modern cutting edge cladding system that can be laid on diagonal, vertical or horizontal orientations, giving architects and designers a multitude of design possibilities. Perfect for applications whereby a flat recessed appearance is required. The Diversaclad system requires minimal maintenance which is perfect for second storey applications. Panels can be varied to suit windows and doors from 185mm – 300mm and the recess / express joint from 5mm-30mm. This system can also be customised by tapering panels offering a unique contemporary appearance.

18 Feb

COLORBOND® Metallic steel

Ring in the new year with BlueScope Steels exciting new Metallic Colorbond steel color range...

11 Feb

Timber Cladding – Northcote. Victoria

December 2014 saw the completion of the 4 stage residential unit development located at Victoria Road, Northcote for the Hacer Group...

09 Feb

Welcome 2015

Yep another year has come and gone, as we welcome in 2015 we say goodbye to the year 2014...

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